Jacked Up Fitness Celebrates National First Responders Day

Jacked Up Fitness Celebrates National First Responders Day
Want to fight fire with fire? Order a Jacked Up Power Rack home gym, and get ready to feel the burn! The Jacked Up Fitness family is proud to be the first choice all-in-one home gym for first responders like firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and active duty military who put their lives at risk to keep our country safe day in and day out. We understand that your life depends on pro-grade equipment that will keep you in peak condition, but your schedule doesn’t always make going to the gym an option, especially when balancing work and family. In honor of National First Responders Day, we are offering 10% off on all Jacked Up Fitness Power Racks for our uniformed strength training enthusiasts.

Jacked Up Fitness is one of the fastest-growing home workout equipment manufacturers in America. Learn how our equipment can keep you strong and healthy enough to make it home safe every day.   

How Jacked Up Fitness Celebrates National First Responders Day

As a first responder, you have unique needs, and the daily physical demands of your job guided the engineering of our Jacked Up Power Rack home gym.

Your job requires you to scale ladders, maneuver through charred or burning debris, carry others safely, carry and wield heavy equipment, take down bad guys, and much more when you are in the line of duty.

We engineered the Jacked Up Power Rack with you in mind.

You need a premium all-in-one home gym to get a gym-caliber workout to stay fit and strong enough to do your job every day. Still, as a first responder, we understand that you’re on the clock whenever duty calls, so your schedule is never just 9 to 5 or an 8-hour shift.

Finding the time and space for strength training can be difficult because the gym might not be open when your shift ends, and even if it is, going to the gym cuts into the sparse time you have to spend with your loved ones. So working out at home is invaluable for you.

Your life and the safety of your community depend on your ability to stay in life-saving shape. Shouldering this burden can feel like managing an uncontainable raging wildfire or chasing down a suspect on foot. A Jacked Up Fitness Power Rack can help manage and extinguish it with ease or take down the perp.

We know your workouts are the difference between life and death, so you need the best of the best. And nothing but a Jacked Up Fitness Power Rack will deliver on that promise.

Are you looking for a gym buddy who can finally keep up? To show our appreciation for those who serve as first responders, we offer the opportunity for you to verify yourself through ID.me during checkout and get 10% off Jacked Up Fitness Power Racks!

“After the first workout, I noticed a problem with this machine. The problem is my workout is now longer than before because of all the new exercises you can accomplish with this great machine. It's just awesome, and I am very happy with this Jacked Up Fitness System.”

- Douglas K., First Responder

Get a 10% Discount and Get Started With Your Pro-Grade First Responders Workout by Ordering a Jacked Up Power Rack! 

Your fitness isn’t just a hobby or passing interest - it’s a way of life, a job requirement, and the difference between life and death. You deserve equipment that caters to your specific needs and enables you to get gym-caliber results on your unconventional schedule.

Order a Jacked Up Power Rack today for an unrivaled workout from the comfort and convenience of your home. In honor of National First Responders Day, we are proud to offer those who serve our country like you 10% off!

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