What Is The Best Home Gym for Strength Training?

What Is The Best Home Gym for Strength Training?

Tired of crowded gyms, machines not getting wiped down, and people getting in the way while they record TikToks? Bring home the ultimate strength training solution for people who see fitness as a way of life. A home gym will build strength from the convenience of your home. Skip the commute to the gym and work out on your own schedule.

When you purchase a Jacked Up Power Rack, gains season is all year round for all fitness levels! With this all-in-one solution, you get the hammer and chisel in one tool to sculpt your body. Read our blog to learn everything you need to know for strength training with a home gym. 

What Equipment Do I Need for a Home Gym for Strength Training?

For optimal strength training, make sure your space is adequately equipped. From barbells to pull-up bars and everything in between, read on to learn what your home gym should include for maximum gains.

An All-Purpose Barbell

These are what Olympic lifters and bodybuilders use. They help with back squats, deadlifts, snatches, and other exercises that allow you to push yourself further than dumbbells. Plus, they are adjustable to accommodate all fitness levels while you progress. 

A Rack (with Safeties)

A rack is essential to every home gym, and safeties should be non-negotiable to ensure you don’t hurt yourself because when working out at home, you won’t have a spotter. Your rack should also provide ample spacing through bench heights.

Dumbbells or a Loadable Curl Bar

No home gym is complete without a full set of dumbbells. Free weights like dumbbells provide a joint-friendly workout that allows your body to move in a more natural motion and forces your stabilizing muscles to work harder. 

Your set should include a range of increments for different fitness levels and exercises. An alternative to dumbbells that enable you to do the same type of workout to get the same results are loadable curl bars with a collection of metal change plates. 


Getting high/low cables is a great way to add a slew of workouts to your regimen. With these cables, you can do cable rows, face pulls, lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, and more.  

A Dip and Pull Up Bar

When getting a rack, ensure it comes with a pullup bar feature. And you also want a dip bar. Dips, in some ways, are your push-ups’ beefy best friend that amplifies gains by developing strength and definition with a deeper motion. 

A Smith Machine

A Smith machine is also a must-have for any home gym. This great piece of equipment spots you while you workout alone, helps stabilize the bar and improve safety, allows you to perform a variety of exercises, and helps you lift heavier weight and increase intensity.

With a Smith machine, you can perform exercises like back squats, split squats, Romanian deadlifts, calf raises, bent-over rows, inverted rows, and much more. 

A Squat Rack

Still, you don’t want to get too top heavy. A squat rack supports weight when you perform squats, making it a great way to workout your lower body safely and in different ways when lifting alone. Exercises you can perform with a squat rack include:

  • Lunges
  • Hanging leg raises

What Is the Best Home Gym for Strength Training?

The best home strength training gym would be an all-in-one machine that includes all the equipment you need for ideal results, like the Jacked Up Power Rack! With a Jacked Up Power Rack, you get:

  • A dual plate loaded pulley system for cable exercises
  • A 2:1 cable pulley ratio for super smooth operation 
  • A squat rack
  • A leg exercise bar with pads
  • Dip bars
  • A Smith machine
  • Free weight and bar storage
  • A pull-up station
  • A pulley system
  • A lat bar
  • A curl bar
  • A tricep rope
  • Multi-exercise Y handles
  • A seated row bar
  • An ankle strap
  • The option of a heavy-duty incline bench, a lat seat, and a jammer arms attachment

And the best part? Separately, all of this equipment would cost several thousand dollars, especially when you factor in quality and safety. But the Jacked Up Power Rack includes all the essential equipment and more for optimal strength training for $1,995. 

Order a Jacked Up Power Rack for the Perfect Home Gym

You shouldn’t feel like you have to be a slave to the gym to sculpt your body and stay fit. Luckily, the Jacked Up Power Rack will set you free. With this all-in-one piece of equipment, you will have a summer body all year from the comfort of your home. No matter your fitness level, the Power Rack has you covered as the premier home gym solution. 

Stop paying for a gym membership you hate (or aren’t) using. Visit our Jacked Up Power Rack page to learn more about this equipment, peruse reviews, place your order today, and read about our payment installment plan for as low as $84 per month.

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