The First Class Home Gym For Riverside Co. Sheriff’s Deputies

Physical fitness isn’t a hobby for you – it’s a job requirement.

Our Riverside Sheriff’s Department Discount Brings the Jacked Up Power Rack into Your Home for Less

As a member of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, you committed to Service Above Self. Like Sheriff Bianco, you show up every day with the strength and endurance necessary to protect your team, your community, and yourself.

Where do you find the time and space for strength training?

Jacked Up Fitness’ professional-grade all-in-one home gym delivers the results you need to stay in life-saving shape. The right gear, in the right place (yours), at the right time.

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The full-strength training experience at home is finally available

With a Jacked Up Fitness Power Rack

First responders prefer the Jacked Up Fitness Power Rack because it was built with you in mind.

The Jacked Up Fitness family includes firefighters, police officers, EMTs, active military and other patriots who put their lives on the line for their country and communities every day. We considered your specific needs and exercises when developing our gear - high quality, top of the line, best of the best - equipment that’s consistent with what you’re using on the job.

When the quality of your workouts can have life-and-death consequences, nothing but a Jacked Up Power Rack will do.

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To show our appreciation, Riverside Sheriff’s Department personnel verified through get a 10% discount on any Jacked Up Power Rack!

Get Gym Results Without the Gym Experience.

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