Jacked Up Fitness App
Jacked Up Fitness App
Jacked Up Fitness App

Jacked Up Fitness App

Welcome to the Jacked Up Training App!

We designed our app to help you get the most out of your Jacked Up Power Rack! Learn how to use it safely and with proper form. Get video guided exercises with trainers from Jacked Up Fitness!

    Each workout is explained in detail through text and video!

    Build your own workout playlist from our video library on our Power Racks and follow along with the trainer videos.

    Different ways to workout:

    The Regular Workout will provide movement, sets, reps and a video demonstration of each movement in a guided program that allows you to record weight load on movements to track progressive overload.

    The Interval Workout will include the same movements but each rotation will be timed to give a boost on intensity!

    This app was designed to jumpstart your Fitness Journey - stay tuned for more features and updates!

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