What to Expect from a Jacked Up Power Rack with Free Shipping

What to Expect from a Jacked Up  Power Rack with Free Shipping

One of the challenges when calculating the costs of a power rack home gym is determining monthly payments if you are using Affirm or Shop’s 0% programs and then finding out that shipping will potentially be a couple of hundred dollars more. That isn’t a concern with Jacked Up Power Racks. If you’ve been looking for a power rack with free shipping, look no further. All Jacked Up Power Racks ship for free. 

As one of the fastest-growing home gym manufacturers in the United States, learn what you can expect when you order a Jacked Up Power Rack with free shipping!

Does Jacked Up Offer a Power Rack With Free Shipping?

Yes! We're excited to announce a significant update to our shipping policy that's sure to benefit all of our customers. While we used to offer free shipping exclusively on products priced at $1,995 or more, we've listened to your feedback and made a major change. Now, we're rolling out free shipping on any and all orders!

Will it Take Longer to Arrive Because My Power Rack Came With Free Shipping?

No! A lot of other companies may use a slower freight service to offset the costs of free shipping, but not Jacked Up Fitness. Once you place an order, it takes about 3 days to fulfill and process your order. Because we already have all the pieces needed for the power rack home gym in stock, we can assemble your order and have it ready to ship in about 10 to 14 business days. 

After your order is ready to ship, how long it takes to arrive depends on how far away you live from our warehouse in California. 

When I Order a Power Rack With Free Shipping, How Does it Arrive at My Home?

Expect your power rack home gym to arrive in a crate, and most importantly, anticipate that it will be big and heavy when we deliver it. 

Depending on the machine, you may receive one or two crates. If you order the base plate-loaded model, you will receive one big crate. For the Power Rack Plus, Pro, EXTREME, or EVOLUTION models, you can expect to receive one big crate and a smaller crate. 

The larger crate weighs about 600 pounds, and the smaller one weighs about 400 pounds. When the truck comes to your house, it will be a box truck with a lift gate. The driver will take these crates to the back of the truck, put them on the lift gate, and put them on the curb. 

The curb is as far as the driver will go. Plan for that because you will not be able to move it alone. We advise opening the crate using tabs running along the lid, lifting the top off, and moving the parts inside individually.  

“You really need to understand how big and beefy these things are. They are a beast. But if you want to work out like a beast, that’s what you need. Make necessary preparations because this is not something you can move alone.” 

- Don Mastrangelo, Founder and CEO, Jacked Up Fitness

For more information regarding what your shipment will look like and how to assemble your power rack, check out this video! Assembly generally takes 8 to 11 hours. 

For your convenience, Pro Assembly is also available. 

Order a Power Rack With Free Shipping and Fast Delivery!

When you order a power rack home gym from Jacked Up Fitness, you are ordering more than a piece of workout equipment. You are putting yourself on the fast track to being a healthier and more jacked version of yourself. We believe everyone deserves that, so we offer free shipping on all power racks and a fast delivery process. 

Order a power rack today and get jacked up!

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