Should You Add a Home Gym Squat Rack or Leg Press?

Should You Add a Home Gym Squat Rack or Leg Press?

Leg day—it's more than just a hashtag; it's a crucial element of a well-rounded fitness routine. Your legs are the foundation of your body, playing a vital role in everyday movements and long-term health. Yet, we often underestimate the benefits of a concentrated leg day regimen. That's where the Jacked Up Power Rack Pro comes in! You get a squat rack and the option of a leg press attachment because you should never have to compromise for your physical fitness. Specifically designed to bring trainer-quality leg workouts into your home gym, this pro-grade equipment is your pathway to a healthier, stronger, and more balanced life.

Ready to talk more about leg day? Let’s get into whether you should get a squat rack or leg press!

Why Should You Add a Squat Rack to Your Home Gym?

Squats are a free-weight, open-chain exercise and a different breed of pump from the leg press, which is a machine-based, closed-chain exercise. 

Squats work your quads but also train total body muscle mass, which is a key difference and requires an expletive load of stability, isometric strength, and coordination. Squat is more of an art and technique than leg pressing. 

You can spend your entire life mastering the nuances of squat technique to squeeze out every ounce of strength and muscle from this exercise, which is why many prefer it.

During a squat, your core and upper body are heavily involved and get ripped, and these exercises are killer for your glutes and quads. Still, most squat variations put a compressive load on your spine, which can be dangerous for some people.

They usually require a partner to spot you so you don’t hurt yourself when redefining your limits. And if you’re working out in the sanctuary of a home gym, that’s not so realistic. A power rack eliminates the need for a spotter.

Squats are perfect for people who want to build more full-body strength and functional leg strength. 

Why Should You Add a Leg Press to Your Home Gym?

A leg press, as we mentioned, is a machine-based, closed-chain exercise, which means your feet are in a fixed position, the movement is fixed, and the path is determined by the machine. Your upper body is also supported throughout the lift. 

As a result, this exercise is generally easier and safer, especially for beginners.

A leg press will work your quads but won’t build total body muscle mass like squats. Because your movement is fixed, you need far less motor control and don’t need to worry about where your body is in space. 

The leg press is an isolation exercise for your quads, hamstrings, and calves. If you are trying to sculpt those specific muscle groups, a leg press is the perfect hammer and chisel.

You can place your feet higher on the sled for a better hamstring boost during a leg press. Because you don’t need upper body and core stability, there is also less compressive stress on your lower back during these exercises.

If you want to move the most weight possible and build more strength in your legs, the leg press is a great option. Want to build bigger quads? This is the way to go. 

Optimize Your Home Gym Leg Day: Order a Jacked Up Power Rack Pro!

The Jacked Up Power Rack Pro is the best of both worlds so you don’t have to choose which to add to your home gym! With this piece of equipment, you get a squat rack and the option of a leg press attachment. So you will build full-body functional strength and mass in your glutes and quads. Which is what it’s all about. 

You don’t have to leave the house to get strong. Visit our Jacked Up Power Rack Pro page to learn more about this innovative piece of equipment, peruse reviews, and place your order today to receive a squat rack, leg press, and much more! Turn leg day into a holiday with our power rack!

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