Leg Press: Maximizing Results with Techniques & Variations

Leg Press: Maximizing Results with Techniques & Variations

When you are building key leg muscles, the leg press is one essential exercise to optimize your results. With the right power rack setup, you can perform standard horizontal leg presses to develop the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

How to Set Up at Power Rack for Leg Presses

When setting up the Jacked Up leg press, bring the safety racks a little higher than your hip level. Then, bring down the barbell. Grab the leg press and position the lip of the leg press facing you.

Put the clips into the barbell. Then you have two options: position the bench under the leg press or perform this exercise from the ground.

Leg Press Benefits

When using a leg press attachment, you get the benefits of a barbell squat using a slightly different motion. This position reduces the force on your core, which makes it less of a full-body exercise. So, the ideal solution is adding both leg presses and squats to your fitness routine. As a result, you will be able to increase the volume of your quads and other leg muscles without causing the unnecessary spinal stress that occurs when loading a barbell.

Varying the foot position makes it possible to emphasize different muscles, helping to overcome imbalances. Many people find that strengthening the quadriceps can boost squat performance, which can be helpful if you reach a strength plateau.

Jacked Up Power Rack for Leg Presses

The Jacked Up Power Rack is an excellent solution for adding leg presses to your fitness routine. There are many other options for full-body workouts and more.

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