Is It OK to Bench in a Power Rack?

Is It OK to Bench in a Power Rack?

When you look at your arms, do you wish you had the kind of guns people think you need a license to carry? Well, you can make that a reality without even going to the gym! A power rack is a great addition to any home gym arsenal because of its versatility, but Is it OK to bench in a power rack? And the answer is hell yeah! Learn more in our blog.  

Is It OK to Bench in a Power Rack?

As a staple in practically all strength training routines worth their weight in plates, a bench press is an exercise that lays the foundation for you to get jacked. But maybe you’re asking, Is it OK to bench in a power rack

Traditionally, people perform this exercise using a standard bench, but a power rack is like a transformer for strength training. It’s a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, including bench presses. 

So, yes, it’s more than OK. It even has some benefits that make it a better option for people building a home gym.

What Are the Benefits of Benching in a Power Rack?

We’ve answered the question, Is it OK to bench in a power rack? Now you’re probably wondering what the benefits are. And safety is the biggest benefit.

If you’re more of a lone wolf than a gym rat, benching in a power rack is the perfect way to get diesel because you can do it solo without hurting yourself as you continue to push it to the limit. With a power rack, you don’t need someone to spot you. 

A power rack is even safer than a human spotter in many ways. And infinitely less annoying.

Just adjust the safety bars to the right height, the bars won’t come crashing down on you if you can’t finish a rep. Because of the safety, you can lift heavier weights and realize gains faster in all kinds of bench press variations. Incline? Easy. Decline? Please

Plus, if you’re looking to maximize your results and space, a power rack is a great option because it does the same thing a bench press does and takes up less space. Not everyone has the luxury of building a home gym. 

And remember how we said it’s like a transformer? A power rack is more adjustable than bench presses with anywhere from 12 to 24 (or more) height levels to choose from.

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So, Is it OK to bench in a power rack? It’s more than OK - in many ways, it’s a better option for people like you who are committed to their gains but want to put in work from the convenience of their home.

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