How to Use Resistance Bands to Uplevel Your Workout

How to Use Resistance Bands to Uplevel Your Workout

 Resistance bands can be a great way to add variety to your workout routines. The good news for Jacked Up Power Rack (PRO) owners is that you can use the included resistance band pegs to easily attach your bands to the rack!

How to Use Resistance Band Pegs

Resistance band pegs can be positioned on the bottom of the bar of your Jacked Up Power Rack PRO. Then, you can loop the resistance band from the bottom on the pegs and onto the smith bar.

These bands can be used on the front side for free-weighted barbell movements and on the smith machine bar if preferred.

Benefits: Why Use Resistance Bands in Your Workout?

If you already have a weight lifting system, why also add resistance band training to your fitness routine? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from resistance bands:

  • Resistance bands offer a similar activity to work the muscles, with a lower risk of injury since there is a lower force on the joints. Resistance bands are excellent for people with joint pain or existing injuries.
  • You can add the bands in addition to weight plates to get increased resistance as you go up
  • The variable resistance applied with resistance bands is different from free weights, allowing better strength adaptations to form from these workouts.
  • Core activation and stabilization are significant benefits because of the constant tension from the resistance bands, especially since you need to engage the core for balance.
  • If you often get bored doing the same exercises over and over again, then resistance bands can be beneficial and add variety to your fitness routines.

The possibilities are limitless every time you use your Jacked Up Power Rack!

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