Tips for Setting Up Jammer Arms Attachments

Tips for Setting Up Jammer Arms Attachments

Jammer arms are safe, versatile, and space-saving, offering a great solution to improve your overall workout routine. This attachment is used similarly to a moveable handle on other types of fixed-weight machines. Instead of using free weights, try jammer arms to see how much your results change.

How to Set Up Jammer Arm Attachments

When setting up the jammer arm attachments, you’ll start by positioning the jammer arm on the cable pulley rack. Put in the top pin first, then place the second pin and make sure it’s tight.

Most importantly, you want to make sure that the plate-loaded bar faces outward from the rack.

Why Use Jammer Arms on Your Jacked-Up Power Rack

There are many benefits to using jammer arms. For example, jammer arms allow you to perform lifting movements with explosive energy while maintaining more control and stability compared to exercising with free weights.

You can perform different exercises using jammer arms, such as:

  • Chest press
  • Leg press
  • Seated dips
  • Overhead press
  • Hip thrust
  • Chest-supported rows
  • RDLs

Jammer arms help to reduce the risk of injury since it is easier to maintain proper form and stay in the correct position through the full range of movement.

Additionally, jammer arms are a space-saving solution that improves the versatility of your rack. Jammer arms mimic the functionality of a multi-gym, but you can still maintain the smaller footprint of a power rack.

Jammer Arms for the Jacked Up Power Rack

Improve your workout results using jammer arms on your Jacked Up Power Rack. There are many ways to use this equipment and support your fitness goals.

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