Can You Get Strong on a Smith Machine?

Can You Get Strong on a Smith Machine?

You don’t have to go to the gym to get jacked. Ready to grind? Bring home a Smith machine to feel the burn from home and watch the excuses melt away. This machine provides versatility, safety, and the ability to increase intensity for the gym rats who approach workouts like lone wolves.

Luckily, a Jacked Up Power Rack comes with a Smith machine and provides you with the hammer, chisel, and everything else you need to sculpt your dream body, build strength, and maintain your fitness. Learn how this machine can help you get strong in our blog. 

What is a Smith Machine?

The Smith machine is a piece of workout equipment with a barbell fixed between two vertical rails (also called runners) that only allows vertical movement. Each side has evenly-placed hooks to hold the barbell securely in place. 

On a Smith machine, you can add weight plates to both sides to increase resistance and intensity, but the bars on these machines are nearly always lighter than the Olympic barbell. People use these machines to work out all major muscle groups because they enable:

  • More effective muscle isolation
  • Safer solo lifting 
  • Increased stability during resistance training
  • The lifting of heavier weights while maintaining body control

Can You Get Strong on a Smith Machine?

Yes, research shows that lifting with a Smith machine can increase strength and build muscle at a similar rate to lifting free weights or lifting on a wobble board. 

This machine also increases the safety and stability of weight training. Because it stabilizes the bar for you and allows you to lift heavier for longer to achieve a more intense muscular contraction and amp up your total load to build strength. 

Both beginners and more advanced lifters can benefit from using these machines, especially when they need to break through a training plateau. Thanks to its adjustability, you can use a Smith machine to perform a variety of strength-building exercises, including:

  • Squats (for quads and hammies)
  • Classic bench presses (for your pecs and triceps)
  • Hip thrusts (for your glutes)
  • Shoulder presses (for your deltoids)
  • Inverted rows (for your back)

A Smith machine is great because of the versatility it provides. It can act as your spotter and a stabilizer for strength-building exercises. If dogs are man’s best friend, this machine is a gym rat’s best friend. You can perform almost any lifting exercise with it more safely.

Order a Jacked Up Power Rack to Enjoy the Benefits of a Smith Machine and More!

A Smith machine is perfect for beginner and veteran lifters alike. No matter your fitness level, you can use this equipment safely and on your own. When you work out at home, you shouldn’t feel like you have to compromise. And when you invest in the right equipment, you don’t have to. You can realize greater comfort and maximum results. With a Jacked Up Power Rack, the Smith machine is just the beginning of the tools at your disposal.

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